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Ten years on from when IT Leaders began, and things have changed in the business technology world.

Business is more competitive than ever.

Time is the new currency.

If technology isn't helping you, it's getting in your way like never before.

What you need is an IT provider who understands business imperatives, and knows how to leverage the latest technologies, and deliver real return on investment. Here's some of what to expect from our "Drive" IT Management Agreements the most intelligent IT Management and IT Support services in Australia:


  • You get the peace of mind of a detailed, written Service Level Agreement which we report against regularly. This includes guaranteed response times, which we measure and can report against.
  • We monitor the health and performance of your servers, networks and computers and networks all day every day, using the very latest technology, and without interrupting your staff. This reduces downtime extremely effectively. We also monitor daily backups and antivirus and server faults. Every issue found automatically triggers a support ticket which we action promptly.
  • Diagnosis of many issues on your network happens instantly using our monitoring technology, which means we spend less time on diagnosis and effect faster repairs.
  • 83% of our repair work is conducted remotely by highly skilled staff. We do like to visit our clients, but less need to travel onsite results in lower costs to clients, and faster response and resolution.
  • For every 10 staff you have, our after-hours check list maintenance procedures will save you over $20,000 p.a. in productivity because computers run better.
  • Proper management of your business technology (as opposed to just fixing things that are broken), ensures lower downtime and higher productivity.
  • You will be able to better predict your IT costs - either by screwing us down to a fixed price, or by choosing a semi-fixed price plan which is tailored to your budget.
  • You'll maximise the benefits you can get from business technology by having experts provide advise to align your current IT infrastructure with your future business goals.
  • Improved 'green' credentials for your business since all of our services are delivered to minimise emissions. Choose green suppliers to reduce your own business carbon footprint.

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