5 Reasnons to choose IT Leaders

5 Great Reasons to Choose IT Leaders

1. The World's Most Advanced Failure-Prevention Systems.Fast response to IT problems

When your computers fail, IT Leaders understands that downtime costs your business real money.

We use the latest cutting edge technology to monitor the health of your systems 24/7. These tools get your problems found, diagnosed and fixed in a time frame like you have never experienced before. When there is a problem, our technology automatically:

  • Raises an alert that an issue has been found, our monitoring team received this immediately.
  • Creates a ticket in our client support software and
  • Advises us of the source of the problem
  • Gives us powerful tools to fix the problem without you needing to wait for an onsite visit.

If it can't be resolved remotely (eg: a dead router) then we quickly despatch an onsite Engineer to resolve the issue.

All of your issues and requests are put through our Client Support Software so that everything is followed up to completion and nothing is missed.


2. Maximise staff productivity with a Drive Technology Management Plan

stress free computers
What is the REAL cost of technology downtime for YOUR business? It's more than just the cost of repair. Staff sitting idly or working slower than optimally can have a massive cost on a business. And how much time do you spend on calling your technology providers and following up on issues? And how do you know if your backup, virus and security bases are all covered? Do you have your own, trusted, in-house Chief Information Officer to help align business goals with technology requirements?

Whether your small business has ten computers or fifty, IT Leaders DriveTechnology Management Plans can significantly increase the reliability of your technology, and thus increase your team productivity. We combine a low-interruption maintenance regime with cutting-edge network health monitoring and repair, to give you the best return on your expensive human resources.

See here for just how easy it is to DRIVE your business further with IT Leaders.


3. The Right Advice for YOUR Business.IT Leaders are the ethical Leaders in the IT industry

It's your job to run your business profitably, and our job to find technology solutions that advance that goal.

Some companies just pitch products. IT Leaders believes in giving the best IT advice to advance the position of your business. If that means you should get another year of use from your server instead of replacing it now; that's what we will tell you. If it means suggesting your current backup system is inadequate; we'll show you options to solve the problem. If there are good reasons to shift to Cloud we will tell you. We believe in long-term alliances, and we want your business FOREVER.

The pinnalce of this principle is our Drive Performance and Drive Elite Technology Management Plans. This total IT management solution is a set of services that are tailored to your business needs and requests. Nothing that you don't need, and everything you do need for peace of mind and maximum performance.

All of this this means that 95.7% of our customers never shop anywhere else for their IT needs. (Measured customer retention rate.)


4. Our Elite Team + Quality Products & Services = Your Satisfaction Guarantee

Whatever you need done; if it's technology in business we have it covered.
 Sure, every IT firm says they have great people, but check out our Induction Processes and some of our key staff AND our Case Studies, and you'll see that we have the cream of the cream. We have painstakingly built our recruitment systems to ensure we get top shelf staff. And we build our client service systems to the same high standard.

Here is something else great: with IT Leaders you don't NEED to know a gigabyte from a flibberty gibbet. You just need to decide the business result you want. Our best-practice systems and top qualtiy staff will develop your proposal and then implementaiton it with precision.

We have partnership status with a range of quality manufacture brands including HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft and many more. We are brand neutral, but believe in buying quality equipment that will go the distance.

With the right skill sets and the right supplier chain, we deliver to you the right solutions for your business; on time and on budget, every single time.



5. Ethics and Value are Everything

I founded this organisation on ethical principles.

Ethics is now part of a company culture which permeates every IT Leaders branch, all of the staff, and everything that we do.

I have no doubt that part of our success in staff retention is also because most people fundamentally want to do the right thing by their clients and bosses, but all too often the company culture does not support that. When people come to work here, they enter an environment that does not leave them ethically compromised.

My attitude has always been to impress with value, not just to talk about prices - its far too common for SME clients to get a great deal on entirely the wrong solution.  I like to be efficent with the expenditure of client's money. I like to ensure my team has a good work-life balance.

My focus has always been on innovating and finding ways to add massive value; to clients, to staff, and to the SME business community as a whole. We are proud of what we have achieved, and we firmly believe we have a lot to offer you.

Scott Linden Jones (CDE)
General Manager - IT Leaders