IT Leaders Offerings for SMEs

Since 2002 IT Leaders has been creating IT services offerings for the SME sector. By the end of 2007 we had over 1000 business clients in QLD and North Coast NSW, and our focus was on providing cost-effective IT to every SME business.

Along the way we found that some people just think IT is a necessary evil or an annoying cost-centre. And that's perfectly OK, but it's really not very satisfying for us to have to fix business-damaging IT failures, that could have been prevented in the first place if we had been allowed to manage a client's IT properly. Businesses that run their IT like this are forever lurching from one disaster to the next, or destroying their profit by hiring more people to do the work instead of getting more productivity with smarter IT.

So our services now aren't for everyone, but we have a strong focus on educating our clients to make smart IT decisions to drive better results in their business.We believe IT is the single most cost effective way to get better leverage from staff time, and ultimately improve your business. Let's face it, technology is cheap compared to the cost of people!

We recognise that your SME business is unique and that you are often short of time. We understand that your interest lies in having a profitable / effective business with as little stress as possible. We believe that the ENTIRE purpose of technology is to deliver your business greater efficiency, capability, flexibilty and ultimately profit. We have average growth in excess of 35% year on year, showing that many other business owners also have faith in our ability to deliver. We have recruitment systems that consistently provide us with the best staff available. We have systems to ensure consistent service, and we have an organisational focus on ethical behaviour.

Quick Summary of IT Leaders Services

The World's most advanced IT Management Plans - all-you-can-eat, + scheduled maintenance & reporting. Zero hassles for a fixed price.

IT Safety Essentials - just critical risk-reducers for businesses, bundled into a ground-breaking price point.

Fully staffed Support Desk during business hours, and optional 24x7 support services. We survey clients to always improve our service delivery.

Network & Server Engineering Services from simple server installations through to complex clustered and virtual environments and Cisco network technology.

Supply of Servers, PCs, Notebooks, Thin Clients, Network, printers and all other equipment. (Article:Buy the right equipment the first time )

IT Security Services - Advanced Security Audits, Firewalls, VPNs, Gateway appliances, Wireless routing & encryption


Virtual Server projects - turning your many servers into far fewer servers for lower capital and running costs. Case Study here.

Hosted Virtual Server environments by our Cloud Services Division - do you really need to buy physical servers at all?


Complete IT Audit - includes server, desktop and network analysis, security analysis, asset listing, and business safety essentials like Backups & Virus protection.

Power Protection Services - from recommending and supplying surge protection, through to battery backup systems and Power Logging.

Green Technology Disposal - preventing electronic landfill

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services - stopping technology disasters from destroying your business (Articles: Data Recovery, Backups. )

Websites and advanced web marketing facilities - 3rd Generation WSA Certified Websites. (Article: Do Websites Produce a Return on Investment? )

Telephony equipment including PABX systems that are VoIP-ready. Get the right advice on this often misunderstood technology.


Case Studies

Joe Walsh & Associates understand the cost of downtime

Executive Alliance gets reliability & service at a fixed price


So don't delay further, contact the Leaders in Business Computing today.