Supplementary IT services for Enterprise IT Departments

DRIVE [IT Assist] is a dynamic IT outsourcing service designed to bring distinct benefits to organisations of 50 to 5000 staff who already have an internal IT department.


Chief Information Officers and IT Managers face a constant challenge when resourcing both the daily needs and the internal projects of their enterprise.

Some of those challenges include:

Maintaining a cost effective and efficient internal IT Support service.

IT Support can be a thankless part of a CIO's role. When support levels are high IT often doesn't rate a mention, but when support levels drop complaints come in and IT becomes everyone's favourite whipping boy. The difference between these results can sometimes be as little as a key staff member going on annual leave (or quiting), or a particularly bad flu season taking a significant portion of staff out of action temporarily.

When a staff member declares their resignation (or is fired), the CIO is under pressure to quickly replace that staff member before service levels are perceived as falling. This time pressure often results in a poor hiring selection. A change in staffing is really an opportunity to analyse the organisations current support requirements, and compare them to IT project needs. But this can only be done in the absence of urgent pressures to 'gap fill'.

For enterprises with just a single IT Administrator, enabling that person to take (and enjoy) their annual leave, or being off sick can present major challenges. Having a quality IT provider as a backup can make all the difference to continuity.


Managing Costs

Maintaining a quality vs cost standard in an organisation can be difficult. Key current staff may insist on higher levels of pay. New staff often take some time to become cost effective, or else prove themselves to be unreliable or under skilled, further wasting your valuable resource budget.

We are experts at hiring great IT staff and can guarantee quality and guarantee cost.


Conflicting prioirities of improving the daily operational support needs versus resourcing important projects.

As CIOs well know, obtaining great staff is a challenge. BUt what makes it even harder is that enterprise-level IT covers a huge range of skill sets. Often those who are hired into support roles do not have the specific skills to develop and implement IT projects that will be required for improving the organisations productivity over the mid term.

Conversely, trying to get high level programmers, technology architects and project managers to spend time on lower level or time sensitive Support Services is just an excercise in frustration for both the CIO and the employee. So CIOs face a constant juggle between resourcing daily support and important projects, and often find that giving adequate coverage to both essentially means hiring too many staff and putting up with the wastage, or else giving projects a much longer time line than they should have since they continually get put to the back of the queue.

CIOs have told us that they need to be able to draw from a pool of specific skill sets to manage both of these priorities, yet not be tied into salaries and high contractors costs.

DRIVE [IT Assist] can provide skilled IT staff for either projects or Support Team. And rather than just having 1 or 2 extra pairs of hands, you can immediately leverage our entire support team. This is the optimal path for expense and service levels.



Why Use IT Leaders Drive Assist?

DRIVE [IT Assist] is completely dynamic. You can have us assist with operational support requirements this month, and projects next month. We can fill in while one staff member is on Annual Leave, or temporarily (or permanently) replace your entire IT department if you have a confidence or budget crisis.

Some areas you can use Drive [Assist] include:

Leverage our ticketing systems.

We can have you up and running on our ticketing system quickly.

Our ticketing system will ensure all your user/management IT requests and issues are tracked to completion, whether they have been designated as the responsibility of our team or your team.

You can escalate issues to us by default (eg all level 2 or all critical issues) or by individual choice (eg a particular Hyper-V issues which has not been resoved internally.

IT Leaders Ticketing System

Leverage our world-leading performance monitoring tools.

We utilise N-able's world leading performance monitoring systems and can bring these to your organisation with no capital cost.

See at a glance how all your equipment anywhere in the world is performing

  • Understand what factors are most impacting staff performance
  • Obtain instant alerts (or tickets) after a failure or impending failure
  • Deliver reports to your management that clearly justify the need for expenditure as they arise.

Utilise World-leading Remote Support Tools.

  • 90% of issues can be fixed remotely using our cutting edge tools - either by your team or ours. If you are still using VNC or RDP, for remote support, our tools are far better and built-in to our monitoring software.
  • You will get instant diagnosis for many issues due to constant performance monitoring system.
  • Obtain back-end interface access into Windows, and fix many issues WHILE THE USER CONTINUES TO WORK - this is a massive productivity improvement over the old VNC/RDP type approach.

Obtain efficient Help Desk services for your organisation.

Leverage our Support Desk for Level 0,1 or 2 or any of these combinations.

Assign tickets to us dynamically or by category. We are your IT partners - we're not there to step on your toes, we are there to make you look good.

Quickly modifying the resourcing of the Help Desk as business needs change; either scaling up or scaling down.

If a staff member leaves, ask us to temporarily fill the position. Because of the performance

Performance/Productivity Reporting.

The reports we generate are perfect for a CIO or IT Manager to be able to quickly understand and manage the important risks and performance objectives of an IT department.

Using the data obtained from our monitoring tools, we generate reports showing how well your equipment is performing for you. This can be used for precise budgeting of upgrade cycles. Instead of assuming that you need a refresh because it has been 3 years, you can look at the performance charts over the year and decide exactly which machines need replacement and which do not, or which need to be prioritised. This gives you a very powerful correlation between IT performance and general staff productivity, and gives you the information you need to be able to obtain a budget for the changes you know will improve your organisation.

Intelligent reporting


We can also add data safety and quality assurance issues into the reporting. For example, what is the status of Antivirus subscriptions, licencing and updates, which backups are working or why a failure is/was occuring, or whether patch management is being executed fully.

Our reporting is a snapshot of the performance, robustness and safety or your network.








Drive Assist is your answer to easier management of your corporate networks.
Contact IT Leaders today to discuss and to obtain a demonstration of our cutting edge tools.