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IT Leaders was founded in 2002 as an IT support provider to the SME sector.

Over subsequent years it grew in size and locations, to now have a national footprint, with clients in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA.

We discovered that by cutting our teeth in the very competetive SME sector, that we had developed products, systems and an ethical and results-driven culture which allowed us to blitz the vast majority of competitor corporate IT firms.

With an efficiency born from delivering cost effective results to our SME clients, and the latest client support technology now integrated into our business, we expanded our corporate client portfolio and continue to do so.

In 2009 we saw the future and took another leap forward by building our own Private Cloud infrastructure, at a time when cloud adoption was extremely low. The result is that we utilise no third parties in our Cloud platform, and deliver top-grade solutions that are fully hosted on Australian soil.

IT Leaders utilises best-practice methodology for supporting clients, complete with SLA-escalated ticketing system, and a fully equiped and skilled Support Desk team with a notable absence of low skill staff who can be frustrating. We have no one on team with less than 5 years experience. It costs a little more to do it this way, but we wont participate in the race to the bottom, where price is considered more important than effectiveness.  We instead build robust business systems that create efficiency, in order to keep our prices reasonable.

Our organisation utilises world-leading network monitoring, reporting and management tools and demonstrations of this technology often astound and impress CIOs.

Our key focus for the years ahead is to provide dynamic IT outsourcing services to the enterprise market, with a particular focus on organisations that rely heavily on technology and are risk-averse. 

Our suite of products and services is designed specifically to assist you in leveraging your human resources to achieve the best productivity and lowest risk.


Why You Might Want to Use IT Leaders to Supplement Your IT Department

1. The ability to meet your needs dynamically. As you gain or lose staff, we can fill the gaps, whatever they may be.

2. A skilled and efficient Support Desk team that is second to none.

3. Customised phone answering, to allow our team to feel a part of your team, from the perspective of end users.

4. Our recruitment procedures (refined and perfected over 8 years of work) ensure that we never hire ineffective staff.

5. A wide variety of skilled Engineers including talents in:

  • Server Engineering, including the latest virtualising, Blade technologies, SANs, Clusters, Hyper-V, and VM Ware.
  • Mail Servers and latest technologies including MS Server 2008, 2012 and MS Exchange 2010 and later, Public Cloud Exchange, and Private Cloud Exchange.
  • Network Engineering, including complex routing / WAN needs, with specialists in Watchguards, Cisco (CCNA and CCIE) and other brands.
  • Security Experts, with a specialised and detailed Security Audit service
  • Intranet development, with Sharepoint and InfoPath, via our partners.
  • Database development and administration including SQL expert administrators, via our partners.
  • The latest DR and disaster prevention systems and multi-site automated data replication services, Cloud backup with instant restore.
  • Internet & VPN technologies. We have partnerships with Telstra, Exetel, Cirrus Wireless and can provide advanced single or multi-site Internet solutions.

6. Independant IT Auditing service. Some CIOs and CFOs use this service to verify that their IT department is doing the right job. Others use it when IT Management changes, in order to ensure that issues are found and dealt with promptly. We can provide just the analysis & report, or we can provide any/all remedial maintenance that is required arising from the Audit.

7. DRIVE Assist Service Agreement which can provide any or all of the following, customised to your needs:

  • Level 0 support (call logging into either our ticketing system or yours)
  • Level 1 support (resolving user queries and desktop level support)
  • Level 2/3 support (resolving server or network-level issues)
  • Monthly reporting on health and utilisation of all devices on the network, with a particular focus on ensuring equipment is maximising business productivity.
  • CIO/Mangement/Board Strategy meetings to provide advice on aligning business goals with technology requirements
  • Automatic identification & restocking of low printer consumables (our software updates up real time on your existing equipment toner levels)

Other IT Leaders Services You Might Require

8. Full procurement & delivery service for all technologies including servers, networks, desktops, notebooks, security and networking equipment. We get better buy prices than you will, and pass the savings into you. We are partners and/or certified by the leading brands including Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sony, Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Talkswitch, Watchguard.

This can include SOE procurement support. We can arrange for your Desktops, Notebooks and Servers to arrive to any of your locations with a software set of your choice. With the correct access we can even go so far as to remotely connect the machine to the domain and complete setup of software such that when the computer is received, it is plug-and-use.

9. Power Protection Services - from recommending and supplying surge protection, through to battery backup systems and Power Logging.

10. Green Technology Disposal - preventing electronic landfill

11. Backup and Disaster Recovery Services - including the latest technologies and online backup services.

12. Websites and advanced web marketing facilities - 3rd Generation WSA Certified Websites. (Article: Do Websites Produce a Return on Investment? )

13. Telephony equipment including PABX systems that are VoIP-ready.

14. Virtual Server projects - virtualising and reducing physical servers, or a complete overhaul to clustered fault-tolerant servers connected to one or more SANs.

15. Hosted Virtual Server environments in our state of the art data cente - do you really need to buy yet another physical server?


So don't delay, let us have an introductory call or meeting at your office to see if we may be of assistance.