Many Small and Medium sized Australian businesses are setting up offshore teams in places like Philippines. 

IT Leaders are experts at the technology strategy to connect your remote team to your business applications and data. Our sister organisation is a consulting firm that advises business on how to source and manage white-collar teams offshore. (All white collar roles)


Go Global With Confidence

cogsThe business world has changed and every business is being impacted by global influences.

IT Leaders director and founder Scott Linden Jones published a book in 2013 on how businesses of all size are using offshore skilled staff to complement their Australian teams.  Over the next ten years this global shift will impact almost every business in Australia, and the business who do not understand this shift will become uncompetetive and perish.

Scott also established a consultancy to assist businesses through this transition of setting up offshore, without getting bogged down in the many easy mistakes.

IT Leaders is uniquely qualified to be able to assist businesses with the transition fom a technology perspective.  If you do not address the technology issues with running an offshore team, you can open yourself to many problems such as:

  • legislative breaches, 
  • security issues, 
  • data loss, 
  • client concerns, 
  • and poor offshore productivity.

If you plan it properly, you should not have any of those issues.

Contact IT Leaders today to talk to us about your plans and how we can make your offshore transition safe and effective.