Thank you for referring!

At IT Leaders we REALLY appreciate you telling other business owners and managers about how you enjoy our products and services.

Remember, the vast majority of businesses still have to put up with low or inconsistent service levels from IT firms who do not have great business processes or great staff. Poor IT facilities and services substantially reduces the performance and profitability of a business.

Many of your friends, relatives and colleagues could be enjoying the service levels that you have come to expect from IT Leaders. But if you don't tell them, they may never get the chance.

With quality referrals, everyone wins. As we gain more quality clients like you, we invest even more into constant improvements in our business. This means you get the benefits and so do your referrals.

Not only that, but we give you a gift as a way of saying thanks. Not a CHANCE at a prize, but an actual gift.

You can also opt to have the cash value instead of the gift.  In fact, with only a couple of referrals per month, you could completely offset the cost of your own business's IT services.


If you make a referral that leads to a Service Agreement with that business, you receive the following:



Type of Agreement

Size of Client Referred

Thank you gift

IT Outsourcing Performance Plan

OR Private Cloud Plan

10+ Staff
20+ Staff
40+ Staff
70+ Staff
Apple iPod
Laptop Computer or Apple iPad 
60" Plasma /LCD Television
5 nights in Vanuatu incl. airfares


It's really simple! Just give us a warm referral, telling your friend / relative / associate about us, and letting us know their details so we can call them. If it turns out that we can help them and we come to a formal agreement to look after them, we will be in touch to deliver your thank you gift. If we can't help them for whatever reason, we will let you know what the outcome was.

If you are not a customer of ours currently but wish to refer others, please feel free to participate anyway, and receive the gifts also.

Once again, thanks for your business, and I look forward to assisting you and your friends and associates to have stronger businesses through better IT.

Scott Jones
General Manager
IT Leaders Group