IT Security Audit

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IT Security Audit

In the last few years, the cyber security landscape has changed dramatically. Dangerous new attack vectors have been found, and an explosion in virus and spyware variants has made security increasingly difficult.

As your trusted IT services provider, we are in a constant battle to protect your sensitive business information and your client’s information from commercial espionage, ransom attempts and other malicious activities.

Many of the tools and barriers of previous years no longer work as effectively, and now multiple layers of protection are a necessity. Every possible attack vector must be identified and closed. Every single day there ARE hacking attacks and ransomware attack attempts on YOUR business, and every business.

Even governments now develop hacking and espionage tools, and variants of these end up on the black market being used by criminals, against organisations like yours. There is no longer any such thing as 100% secure.

If your organisation has no strategy to counter security threats, then it is inevitable that your defences will be breached and you will lose time and money and sensitive data.

The only way to deal with this effectively is to carefully audit all elements of IT security, and lock down your defences, according to practicalities of the specific risk for you, and according to the budget that is available.

The new IT Leaders Security Audit finds and corrects security issues in the following areas over the page.

This offering is discounted for clients whose IT we already fully manage on a Fixed Price Agreement. Some areas of security support are covered by your existing Support Agreement, thus we reduce the Audit price.


Identify new critical security risks to your business, and prevent a disaster.



Greatly reduce the chance for cyber attacks, and the most prevalent viruses, like Ransomware viruses



Protect your backups from being destroyed by new encrypting viruses.



Assist compliance with regulations to protect your employee and customer data.