Careers with IT Leaders

All employees of IT Leaders enjoy the following benefits:

  • A progressive and flexible management style
  • Working with an Elite Team
  • A high degree of self management
  • A detailed career path with regular performance appraisals and 360 degreee feedback.
  • Full-time salaried position (we do not hire casuals nor try to use tricky methods to increase your work hours or reduce your pay rate.)
  • Above award rates of pay
  • Bonus systems to link performance to remuneration
  • Generally predictable working hours and little overtime.


Current Aquisition Interests:

We are interested in acquiring a small IT firm in Perth.  It needs to have written Service Agreements (contracts) with a range of clients. More value will be placed on clients with 20-50 seats. Current owner must be willing to stay on for at least one year in a salaried / profit share capacity.

Current Positions Available:

Senior Engineer

About Us:

A forward-thinking IT company with dynamic management, and ten years of reliable performance. We currently have 3 office locations and two satellite offices. We have an unfaultable reputation in the SME sector; a highly ethical company delivering on its promises to both clients and staff. We have very high client and staff retention rates as evidence of this success.

There are no poor performers in our elite teams; everyone is technically skilled, excellent at communication, and great to work with.

ABout the Role

This role is combination of the following for a range of our larger SME clients (20 to 150 seat organisations):

  • performing a full range of technical support and configuration work for clients,
  • designing and performing projects such as server and network replacements, and migrations to Private Cloud Computing,
  • managing the accounts of our SME clients (20 to 150 seat organisations), including some reporting and making recommendations.
  • We would prefer you to be doing as much high end technicalwork as possible, but you will need to be fleixible enough to do lower end work when the situation or staffing availability requires it.

About You:

You are a IT professional who has superb communications, organisational and technical skills. You're looking for an excellent work environment, respect in your workplace, an elite team to work with and a large degree of autonomy in technical work. You crave some variety and a supportive environment in which to advance your skills further.

You are concise and effective at communicating technical information to non-technical people, and could present reports and recommendations to our clients.  You care about the quality of IT environments and can explain why it is important.

You have relevant recent employment experience with advanced technical skills in the following: (this is not negotiable, and your skills will be tested during interview.)

  • You are an expert with Windows Server 2003/2008/2011 and all SBS versions. Expert means there is rarely an issue that you do not already KNOW the answer to (as opposed to researching and testing).
  • You have some recent Microsoft Server qualifications
  • You are a past master at XP / Vista / W7 - Install, configure, diagnose, repair
  • Knowledge of desktop and server hardware - dismantle, diagnose, repair
  • Detailed knowledge of LAN, & WAN, strong firewalls experience, and experience diagnosing the source of LAN & WAN problems.

You also have at least the following qualities and skills

  • Very high level communication skills
  • The ability to make non-technical people (clients) understand the simple essence of technical problems and HAVE CONFIDENCE in your abilities to get resolutions.
  • Honest and hard working
  • Ethical - your natural position is to do the right thing by workmates, employers and clients.


Package Details - What you get:

  1. The opportunity to work with an elite team in an enjoyable environment, preferably in the Brisbane (North Quay) office.
  2. Potential ability to transfer between Branches as they become available.
  3. Management that actively strives to advance your career and look after you.
  4. Carefully monitored and limited overtime requests to ensure balance of your work and personal life.
  5. A salary package between $60,000 and $90,000 depending upon experience and skills 

Application Instructions:

This is a skilled position. Please do not apply if you do not satisfy every one of the above requirements; you will not gain an interview. Furthermore there will be specific verbal questions and WILL be a written test during the interview to ascertain that you do have the skill sets you claim to have, so you will not be able to 'fudge' your way through. If you have the critical skills described, we welcome your application and you will breeze through these tests.

Please apply via the contact form on this website.