How we do Business

Long Term Relationships

We want to retain clients FOREVER, so we put effort into creating and fostering relationships which work. We recognise that close 80% of businesses fail within 5 years. We therefore aim to provide critical advice and excellent value to improve our clients' chances of business success. 

Technology can be a great leverage for business success when designed and managed well. We know that by doing this for our clients, we do our part to maximise thier chance of growing alongside us.

ReliabilityBrilliant technician helping you with desktop computer problem

We recognise that reliability is a key factor in maintaining the trust of our clients, so we arrive on time, return phone calls and follow-up outstanding issues.

With over 2000 individual service requests each month (each with an SLA Response Time), keeping everything in order is of vital importance. We utilise industry-leading software systems to manage all requests, track all information relating to jobs and projects, and manage our maintenance and reporting deliverables.  It's unrealistic to say that we could never make a mistake, but central to our philosophy is to never make the same mistake twice. With all of that information tracking, and with ongoing requests for feedback from our clients, we are better able to identify key areas to improve. 

Careful Consultation

Every business is unique and we will go to extraordinary lengths to provide the perfect solution, on time, and on budget. This is especially true today with the variety of Cloud solutions available to businesses. Many Cloud providers take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, and invariably a percentage finds this to not be the case. 

IT Leaders believes that understanding your business needs and direction, must preceed the development of an IT Strategy for you. Maximising productivity, properly addressing key technology risks, and minimising capital expenditure, can only happen with a consultative approach.

We offer the entire range of IT products and services, from traditional in-office Server and network deployments, through to public cloud, and Private Cloud.  We can therefore offer the right solution, rather than just the solution that we sell.

Total Management

We specialise in full IT Management services, and have done so for many years. This IT Management can be either in-house infrstructure, Private Cloud, or a mix of both, with our cutting edge Hybrid Cloud solutions.

We do not provide a simple break-fix service because this is a very poor way to manage business technologies which results in much higher risks and downtime, and significantly lower productivity. We aim to educate our clients on ways to save money, prevent problems, and maximise their technology ROI.

We can liase with any other IT providers (eg: custom software or print vendors) on your behalf to ensure you get value from those agreements, and that there is no "buck passing" and your issues get resolved.

Make the switch to the Leaders in Business Computing and experience the difference.


IT Leaders Vision

 To profit from being valued as the highest quality and most innovative business IT provider in Australia.

IT Leaders Mission

 1. Assist our clients to choose the best technologies to improve their profit and lower their risk.

2. Forever be accountable to do what we say we will do.

3. Remember that the client is not always right but they ARE always the client, and we have an ethical duty to serve them well and advise them professionally.

4. Identify and implement continuous improvement at every level of our business.

5. Help each other with personal growth and hold each other accountable to a high standard.

6. Be mindful of our environmental impact and develop strategies to minimise the environmental effects of business technology.