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Professional Services Seeks Competetive Advantage by Increasing Computer Replacement Cycles

IT Leaders Group has noticed a trend amongst some professional services firms, that they are replacing computers more frequently in order to get a productivity competetive advantage.

IT Leaders founder Scott Linder Jones has for years advised firms that "technology is cheaper than wages", and advocated greater investment in technology to help leverage human labour and drive productivity gains.  Some firms have responded by speeding up their PC replacement cycle to give their teams faster tools more often.

"Our observations over the past ten years have shown that in the SME sector, professional services firms replace their PCs every 4.1 years on average, but we are seeing a new trend where leading firms are now doing replacement cycles of around 2 years", said Jones.  

This is an alternative strategy to switching to Private Cloud. With Private Cloud (unlike public cloud), the effective lifespan of a PC can be extended to around 10 years because the speed of the PC becomes almost irrelevant when leveraging the central server power of Private Cloud.  Although adoption rate for Private Cloud is significant, many Professional Services firms have resisted the trend to date, especially where they have a large sunk investment in existing server infrastrcuture.

For those without Private Cloud, more frequent replacement of PCs can yield a positive return. The typical cost for a suitable PC is around $1800. If that is replaced every 2 years rather than every 4 years, that equates to an additional 4.5 hours per year of billable work required in order to cover the cost (at $200 per hour billable rate).  Typically a new computer will allow  an extra 1-2 minutes of billable work per hour, meaning that a return on investment can be reached in a fraction of a year.


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IT Leaders Continues Cloud Domination

1st March 2012: IT Leaders now has three years of successful Private Cloud Computing deployments for clients.  Following on from this success and ongoing development of its cutting edge Cloud systems, IT Leaders has deployed a highly successful Private Cloud model to a Government office in Brisbane.  Events Queensland is a high profile government office which reports directly to the premier.

In January 2011, like many other businesses, it was significant impacted by the flooding of the Brisbane river.  When the time came to replace aging infrastructure, a more resilient solution was requested.

IT Leaders delivered with a Hybrid Cloud Solution.  This allows Events QLD a full range of "Work Anywhere" functionality while still maintaining the capability for graphics intensive local office applications.  All data is housed in a military-grade data centre in Brisbane, (one that is well above 500 year flood zones!) and multiple office locations can cache required data locally.

The Private Cloud design still allows for the minimisation of capital expenditure, driving costs futher down as the years progress. For a downtime-sensitve client like Events QLD, Hybrid Cloud is the best of all worlds. It has resilient design, security sensitive storage, in-built and customisable disaster recovery, flexibilty for staff to work as they need to, and a low capital cost.

Marking three years since we first deployed our Private Cloud solution to Bravehearts Inc.

March 2012

The non-profit organisation Bravehearts needed new servers back in 2009, but funding was difficult.  Although only a small team, it appeared likely that they would grow significantly over the next few years, making future-proofing a necessary part of their server infrastructure design.

With our Private Cloud systems recently completed, we were at that stage one of only two providers in QLD with locally-based Private Cloud, and the only provider offering a service and support solution that appealed to the SME sector.

We helped Bravehearts by offering a significant percentage reduction to the cost of Private Cloud, and converted them across onto our platform.  Three years later Bravehearts has tripled in size, and it has become apparent that the Private Cloud solution has been perfect for them for its scalability and conservation of capital.

Their four new office locations all connect into Private Cloud and use data and applications in the same way as head office, and adding new office locations is simple and low cost. It also allows them to make effective use of older and cheaper PCs, without reducing staff productivity, because slower computers work just as fast as new computers when connecting to IT Leaders Private Cloud.


IT Leaders selected by Government for robust Hybrid Cloud solution

29th December 2011

IT Leaders has been selected to provide a state-of-the-art Hybrid Cloud system for Government department Events Queensland.  

After being adversely impacted by the Brisbane flooding in January 2011, Events QLD needed a technology solution that was flexible, scalable, and lower risk than running in-house servers.  Utilising our military-grade data centres, and an "available anywhere" data desig.

IT Leaders have been selected to deliver a Private Cloud platform that meets and exceeds requirements.


IT Leaders Announces New Range of Hosted Services

14th July 2009: After six months of development and refining of the new offerings, IT Leaders is proud to announce its new range of hosted services.Cloud Computing

Operating these services from its own data centre in Varsity Lakes QLD, and backed by a reputable Brisbane Data Centre IT Leaders now has the facilities to offer server hosting in its racks.

Whilst it has highly competetive pricing in this field, and highly skilled server support and/or server management services, rack hosting is just the beginning. IT Leaders true specialisation lies in offering client businesses a true 'cloud computing' facility which totally replaces the need for clients to buy and operate their own servers.

InfoWorld once described Cloud Computing this way:

"…Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs: a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Cloud computing encompasses any subscription-based or pay-per-use service that, in real time over the Internet, extends IT's existing capabilities."

What it means in plain english is that your local computers no longer do any significant work: all the load is shifted live to big powerful computers in the 'cloud' - which is data centers connected to the Internet.

Using IT Leaders state-of-the-art industrial strength Hewlett Packard Blade servers, IT Leaders can offer small to medium enterprises the rock solid server facilities that would cost them many tens of thousands of dollars to implement themselves, all at a low monthly fee with zero capital expenditure.

The virtual server offering includes:

  • Secure data centre facility with diesel generator power backup and fire protection
  • Flexible and instant hardware allocation - only pay for the hardware capacity your business actually needs
  • Pay by the month software & hardware - no expensive up front software or hardware purchases
  • Fully centralised architecture - access your 'desktop' from anywhere in the world, and your staff can work effectively and identically no matter when they are or how many office locations you open.
  • Health monitoring & reporting of your server environment to ensure optimal efficiency for you and your staff.
  • A range of support options to suit exactly what you need and your budget
  • Automated offsite full backup and antivirus facilities that you never have to worry about

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Local IT Firm Reports 75% Growth

10th Jan 2008: Local IT services firm IT Leaders is bracing itself for an even busier second half to the financial year, after recording record revenue in the first half of the 08-09 financial year.
General Manager Scott Jones attributes this to a combination of sustained service levels and a suite of new services and products.
"We generally grow by more than 30% each year mostly as a result of very good service systems that mean we very rarely lose a customer. We have had around 1000 business clients in South East QLD, to which we provided an array of IT products and network servicing." says Jones.
Jones says that this year has been different to the norm. He saw an opportunity at the start of 2007 to change the way IT was being used in SME businesses, and saw a way to put new intelligence into optimising businesses through their technology, rather than just supplying and fixing computer networks.
"We recompletely rearranged the business and invested heavily in World leading technologies for monitoring the health of our client networks. These systems alert us to impending failures, let us diagnose many issues instantly, resolve those issues without needing to send an engineer onsite, and conduct advanced monthly maintenance services without interrupting the client's staff."
Jones says that the new technology used by his firm allows them to also monitor and report to clients on what areas of their IT was working well, and what areas were causing productivity wastage in the business.
"In this economic climate, many smart business owners are realising the power of this information. When a business has 20 staff wasting even 5 minutes per day because computer systems are not suited to the business or not well configured, this is the equivalent of wasting 2100 hours of time per year, which is one entire staff member wasted" he says.
"What many companies don't realise is that the bigger they get, the more they need to focus on optimising IT, and managing it in such a way as to not only minimise the cost of the IT, but also to minimise productivity wastage. Computer power gets cheaper every year, but staff get more expensive. Even small companies can save thousands per year, or do without extra staff just by optimising their IT."
Jones attributes the additional growth of IT Leaders this year to the industry-leading nature of their DRIVE IT Management Plans and the new innovative direction of the company.


IT Leaders Selected as IT Provider for Innovative Queensland Mining Firm

28th August 2008: Linc Energy (ASX: LNC www.lincenergy.com.au) has selected IT Leaders as it's IT provider.

IT Leaders daily duties under the agreement will include full IT Management services for each of Linc Energy's four locations. This will be done from the IT Leaders Network Operations Centre on the Gold Coast, and supported by it's branch locations in Brisbane and Ashmore.

Beyond that Linc Energy have requested that IT Leaders make recommendations for modernising and optimising their technology infrastructure. They are seeking rock solid reliability, high performance, and flexibility in design to be able to cope with extraordinarily high growth expectations. IT Leaders highly skilled project engineers are are up to the challenge.