Environmentally Friendly Technology Disposal

IT Leaders is proud to extend upon our asset lifecycle services, by also offering environmentally friendly "green" technology disposal.

When your business technology assets come to the end of their useful life, there are three possible choices.

1. Throw it away

In 2006 Australians disposed of more than 1.6million computers into landfill. Not only is this a terrible waste of the mineral resources in those computers, it also present pollution hazards in the form of equipment leaching poisonous chemicals into the environment as they break down. Within a matter of years, laws will be passed in Australia as they already have in other countries, banning the dumping of technology waste.

2. Give it to someone else to use

If the equipment is still functional, the best path forwards is for it to continue to be used by someone else, until such time as it fails or they can no longer use it. Once it is useless, the equipment can be recycled. It is paticularly important to ensure data is erased from equipment before anyone else gets to use it.

Many organisations would like to have their old equipment reused or possibly even resold to realise a disposal value, but don't have the time or expertise to organise this.

3. Recycle the components

Most parts of electronic equipment can be recycled. Many organisations are keen to do their part for the environment and avoid e-waste ending up in landfill.

Meanwhile, having "green credentials" is becoming an ever increasingly important aspect of the business world.


IT Leaders can arrange the most appropriate environmentally friendly disposal
solution for your quantity of equipment, and provide you with a Technology Recovery/Recycling certificate.


Our services include:


Catalog & Collect

If you have a whole room full of equipment that needs to be cataloged and compared to an asset register, we can provide this service for you, collecting machine models and serial numbers, as we remove the equipment from your premises.

Once removed from your premises, we can inspect all equipment and determine what is worth refurbishing or stripping for components, and what must just be recycled.
At this point we will also securely erase the hard drives of the computers if that is your preferrence. We can also destroy the drives for a further fee.


After providing you with information, we then proceed to send refurbishable or reuseable equipment away to expert remarketers who can attempt to get you a resale value for the equipment and/or donate it to charities.


Whatever equipment is worthless is broken down into its component pieces and prepared for recycling. We charge as little as possible for this process, seeking only to recover our costs by sale of the raw materials for recycling.


For all services we can give you indicative pricing before we commence.

Please Contact us for further information.