Power Protection Services

Your IT investment cost you a lot of money so a little care to protect that investment is well worthwhile.

IT Leaders has a range of advanced power protection services and products which very few IT providers offer. This is not just about randomly buying a UPS to stick on your server and hope for the best.
Get the right advice the first time and save yourself some pain.

Power Quality Logging

If you are getting regular brownouts, surges and spikes in your offices or are finding equipment dying well before its expected lifespan, it is well worthwhile getting your building checked for power quality.

Despite stringent building codes in this country it is not uncommon to find some electrical circuits in offices and homes wired backwards. Yes, backwards. This polarity reversal can cause damage to your equipment, usually over a period of time.

Our Power Quality Data Loggers are advanced devices that plug into your standard AC sockets and record power activity over several days or weeks. Then we remove the device and analyse the data to diagnose issues like:

  • Frequency of voltage variances
  • Spikes & Sags
  • Common Mode noise
  • Line Frequency
  • High Frequency Noise
  • Dropouts
  • Power Failures
  • Surges

We will measure all this in your chosen location and write you a brief report showing what (if anything) is wrong, and what can be done to rectify it.

Server Quality UPS Equipment

Did you know that a lot of UPSs sold for server applications are entirely unsuitable?
UPS are NOT just about battery backup, there is much more to it.

Where there are one or more servers or if your computer system is absolutely crucial to the running of your business then a true on-line UPS is recommended (see below). This type of UPS effectively isolates your equipment from mains power problems, it has an inverter which runs continuously (the bottom line of the diagram) and provides 100% clean power and the best power protection available today. Preferably you should also utilise UPSs with sine wave technology which produce cleaner output power when running equipment form batteries.



Many UPS brands and models have tolerances that are too high for sensitive equipment. For example, your current UPS might allow your server to run at 275 Volts for extended periods which will generate excessive heat and reduce the lifespan of your equipment. Watch out for this - only buy from experts in power protection as many generic IT people and retailers dont understand what they are selling.

If your current UPS fails within its warranty period, how will it be replaced? Many providers insist you return the product to them and wait for a repair which usually takes several weeks. 
With the right brand and the right provider, a direct swap-out can be achieved quickly. 

On the other hand if all you need are some good value surge guards or a basic UPS for your PC, we also stock these at all times.

Data Centre Setup & Maintenance

If you are setting up a large office or building a new commercial development, you will need a structured and careful approach to power protection. IT Leaders can provide consulting services on this task. We can recommend and supply generator, lightning strike and advanced UPS equipment, and assist your electrician with appropriate circuiting.

This equipment needs to be maintained for reliability; for example generators need to be started and tested regularly. It is often kept in poor environmental conditions (damp, acidic or salty basements) and should be checked regularly. There is no point having the equipment if it doesn't work when you need it. We can provide a maintenance regime to look after your equipment.

We can also provide a maintenance regime for your entire network.