IT Leaders provides fixed price and semi-fixed price IT management / IT outsourcing services.
We also provide our Cloud Computing solutions that are entirely owned by us, and located in Australian data centres.



If you are not yet on one of our Drive IT Management Plans but have an immediate technology issue, please get in touch with us so we can get your issue resolved.  After that we will discuss with you why we believe you should be on a Drive IT Management Plan, and let you know all the technology issues that are not being looked after properly on your network if you are not on one of these plans.

Unless you have a provider that is being paid to formally MANAGE your technology, then you are just fire-fighting a bunch of problems that could have been prevented in the first place. You're also probably making purchasing decisions without the information you need on productivity and performance of existing equipment, thereby wasting a percentage of your capital.

Maximising your staff productivity and the return on your IT investment is what we are all about.

SO much has changed in business IT mangement over the last ten years, so it would be wise of you to choose a firm that has a strong history of investing in the technologies that can really make a difference to the bottom line of their clients. There are plenty of IT firms still doing business the way it was done in 1990 and 2000, and quite frankly its a different world for the firms who have invested and grown with the latest methodologies.

If, after we show you some proof, you are still not interested in using the latest methodology and technology to get your IT managed properly, we can help you find some reputable local band-aiders that we trust to at least not rip you off.  We do things properly. We aren't trying to be a cut price patch-up crew. We understand that not everyone treats technology as a way to make their business more profitable.

Our Advanced Drive Technology Management Plans are a quantum leap forward in business computer support and mangement.

What we DO have:

  • We have highly skilled Support Technicians, Engineers and Specialists, ready to do your work.
  • A process-driven Support Desk with a best-of-breed client management and issue tracking system.
  • The world's most advanced Health Monitoring, Diagnosis, Repair and Reporting tools.
  • Intelligent and quality-checked methods for managing your IT to maximise productivity.

What we DONT have:

  • We dont have long queues of waiting work. Although we get up to 2,000 individual support requests and monitoring alerts every month, each and every one of these is managed carefully and tracked through to completion. We action everything promptly and according to our SLA promises.
  • We dont have grumpy or unprofessional staff that treat you like an idiot.
  • We don't have a desire to run in circles sending you unnecessary invoices and putting out fires that could have been prevented if your network was being looked after properly.

Please see here for full information about our Drive Plans.

Please see here for our Cloud Computing services.

Labour Rates

Our labour rates give a significant discount to all clients on Service Agreements.
All of our clients are on Drive Plans, Infinity Plans (our private cloud), or on bulk hour plans, and so get discounts off our ad-hoc labour pricing.

 What makes a great IT provider are the BUSINESS SYSTEMS at its core. This is the secret behind how we do over 30,000 individual client requests (tickets) every year, and manage to get them done within the time fame and cost that we promise. These business systems are expensive for us to create and maintain, but they are essential to us providing you high quality, reliable technical services, that will scale as your business grows.

If you are buying from a cut-price IT vendor, you can GUARANTEE that they have not invested their time and money into building great business systems. What this means is that sometimes you'll get good service and sometimes you wont. Sometimes you'll get a skilled technician, and sometimes you'll get a dud. They wont maintain great network documentation for you, and they wont be able to predict any failures before they occur.

 If you think hiring professionals is expensive, then you've forgotten what a mess amateurs make!


Labour Rates - Effective 1st March 2012

Service Agreement Type


Hourly rate (ex GST)

Service Level
Agreement &
Response TIme


Sched. Maintenance

Reporting &
Virtual CIO
Support &
Project Work Effective
Drive Elite (fixed price - Enterprise)
Starting from $7000 per month
Advanced SLA All included As needed All included Most included
$135 /hr
16% Discount
Drive Performance (fixed price - SME)
Starting from $2500 per month
Advanced SLA All included Monthly All included $139 /hr 13% Discount
Drive Pace (semi-fixed price)
Starting from $500/month
Advanced SLA All Included Quarterly Some Included
$145 /hr
$145 /hr 10% Discount

No Service Agreement None None $155 /hr $155 /hr $155 /hr None
$20,000 Pre-paid Labour Block Call to discuss None By Request $135.00 /hr $135.00 /hr 16% Discount
$10,000 Pre-paid Labour Block Call to discuss None By Request $139.00 /hr $140.00 /hr 13% Discount
$ 5,000 Pre-paid Labour Block None None By Request $140.00 /hr $145.00 /hr 10% Discount
$ 2,000 Pre-paid Labour Block None None By Request $145.00 /hr $145.00 /hr 7% Discount
$ 1,000 Pre-paid Labour Block None None By Request $150.00 /hr $150.00 /hr 4% Discount
















 ** Special Rates are available for wholesale service work for other IT firms  and for larger projects - please contact us for more information.


Other Rates & Charges

Specialist Engineer $170 /hr
Project Manager $170 /hr
After Hours Support (outside 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri) 1.5x normal rate
Onsite Callout Fee (local) $65
Onsite Callout Fee (remote travel charge) $88 /hr


Contact us now to have a consultant attend onsite and discuss your business requirements .