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Ten years on from when IT Leaders began, and things have certainly changed a lot in the business technology world.

Business is more competitive than ever. Time is the new currency.

If technology isn't helping you, it's getting in your way like never before.

What you need is an IT provider which understands business imperatives, and knows how to leverage the latest technologies, and deliver real return on investment.

Here's what to expect from the most intelligent IT Management and IT Support services in Australia:

  • You get the peace of mind of a detailed, written Service Level Agreement which we report against regularly. This includes guaranteed response times, which we measure ourselves by every month.
  • We monitor the health of your computers and networks all day every day, using the very latest technology, and without interrupting your staff. We have dedicated monitoring staff, which is very important considering that a monitoring alert that no one is watching is a waste of time. (You'd be amazed how many "monitoring" services aren't checked live.) 
  • We also monitor backup and antivirus and server faults. Every issue found automatically triggers a support ticket which we action promptly.
  • Diagnosis of many issues on your network happens instantly using our monitoring technology, which means less time on diagnosis and faster repairs.
  • 81% of our repair and maintenance work is conducted remotely by highly skilled staff. We do like to visit our clients, but less need to travel onsite results in lower costs to clients, and faster response and resolution.
  • For every 10 staff you have, our after-hours maintenance procedures can save you over $20,000 p.a. in productivity because computers run better.
  • Proper management of your business technology (as opposed to just fixing things that are broken), ensures lower downtime and higher productivity.
  • You will be able to better predict your IT costs - either by screwing us down to a fixed price, or by choosing a semi-fixed price plan which is tailored to your budget.
  • You'll maximise the benefits you can get from business technology by having experts provide advise to align your current IT infrastructure with your future business goals.
  • Improved 'green' credentials for your business since all of our services are delivered to minimise emissions. Choose green suppliers to reduce your own business carbon footprint.



Our Drive IT Management Plans come in three tailored plans for SMEs without IT staff, and one special plan for larger enterprises...

Drive Elite

Drive Elite is for businesses that are entirely driven by technology and they are not willing to take any risks or shortcuts in protecting their investments.

For bigger businesses and those with special needs, Drive Elite replaces all aspects of having an internal IT Department of 2-20 IT Staff, including:

  • Chief Information Office (CIO) role supplied by us, to be present in your board meetings and active in your technology planning. We provide a range of regular reports, including a report which shows exactly which pieces of your technology are running slower than your staff - meaning that with some minimal expenditure, you could get a substantially higher return from your team.
  • Minimum of 30 hours per month of onsite technical support, tailored to your exact needs. This is very useful for businesses who have a lot of small physical jobs each month such as setting up computers and phones for new staff, and changing and ordering printer supplies.
  • Unlimited onsite and remote support services.
  • Monthly maintenance and backup testing included.
  • Our world-leading monitoring systems that detect and diagnose many faults before they cause downtime and constantly monitor key business-safety aspects of IT like backups, viruses, and hard drive health
  • Unlimited after-hours 24x7 technical support for critical equipment and key staff.
  • Antivirus, Anti-spyware and Anti-spam software included in the agreement.
  • Advertising on the IT Leaders Group websites as a key strategic partner.
  • Staff internet usage control and reporting. Stop access to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc, or only allow it during lunch hours. Report on exactly what internet facilities your staff are using, or restrict it if you prefer.
  • Fixed monthly fee for easy budgeting.


 Drive Performance

Our most popular IT Management Plan is for fast growing and successful businesses
that know it is important to get the best advantage from their IT.

Drive Performance makes budgeting easy, has no monthly surprises, and delivers you the best possible leverage to maximise return from your expensive human resources.


  • Using IT to Maximise Return: The Performance plan combines cutting edge monitoring and management tools with monthly or quarterly reporting meetings with an IT Leaders Account Manager who is an expert at matching your business goals to technology necessities.
  • Fixed Price IT Management (unlimited remote, on site, reporting and planning assistance):We are so confident that the Performance plan will give you superior reliability and drive your business forward, that we offer it with unlimited Support Desk and Unlimited On site Engineering. This means we carry the risk of your downtime costs just like you, and everything about your IT is geared towards ultimate reliability and maximum Return on Investment.
  • Designed for YOUR Business: This Plan inclusions are customised for your unique business needs. We build upon a core of safety essentials which include maintenance and monitoring services. We consult with you to determine what is important to you and your business, and then we quote a single all-inclusive price for properly maintaining and managing your technology and supprting your team. All our work is conducted via industry-leading task management systems that ensure your requests are completed on time every time.


  • Perfect Ethical Alignment:
    There is something not altogether right about the old way of "Break - Fix" IT support, where the more problems you have, the more the labour bill clocks up and profits the IT provider. With Drive Performance] we become financially responsible for the performance of your systems. If they aren't reliable, it costs us more to maintain them. Both parties are united in the desire to create a highly reliable, highly performing infrastructure.
  • Advanced Reporting:We report to you monthly or quarterly on exactly what you need to nkow about how yout IT is performing and how productive it has been for your staff. We proactively identify risks, and advise you of everything you need to know, in a very short, neat and comprehensive snapshot.


Drive Pace

For busy business owners and managers who don't like IT risks. And for owners that understand that more reliable computers
and faster problem resolution equals more productive staff and a more profitable business.

These are semi fixed-price lans which include all required maintenance, monitoring systems and backup checking.
Plus your choice of the number of hours of included support. This Plan can be tailored to your preferred price point.


Complete List of Drive IT Management Benefits

Each DRIVE! Plan contains Preventative, Responsive, and IT Management Benefits.
NOTE: Only the Elite Plan contains ALL of the features below.





Network Health Monitoring & Diagnostics
Daily monitoring of network connectivity, health & performance. Our system actively finds problems, and our team check the alerts live and fix the issues.
Business Safety Essentials Monitoring
Daily fault finding for often-neglected protection essentials such as backup, viruses, and spy ware.
Monthly Testing of Backups
Backups are only as good as the last time they were tested. A partial test restore confirms that your media contains restorable data.
Microsoft Windows Maintenance
Periodic thorough checking and cleaning of Windows environment to maintain speed.
Software Patch Management
Major software packages like Windows & Office need regular updates to keep them secure and stable.
Hardware physical checks
Prevent failures from blocked vents, broken fans,  and slowly failing hard drives.
Advanced Security Audit and Plan
Security threats do not stay static. Have a Security Engineer review your technology security to ensure effective defenses. We check Internet firewall & routing, wireless encryption, email, web browser and more. (Required prior to buying the Performance or Elite Plans. Optional for all other plans.)
Formal issue ticketing, tracking & closure
Our state of the art client management systems ensure that requests are not missed, and you are kept informed of progress. Use your own client login to view the status of all requests 24x7.
Access to our Support Desk
With our Leading remote support technology, we can fix over 80% of your daily IT issues from our Network Operations Centre. This means faster resolutions.
Unlimited Support Desk Resolutions
On the Performance and Elite Plans, Unlimited Support Desk assistance is included. This means almost all of your IT labour needs are already budgeted for in a fixed price.
Access to On site Engineering
For any issues that we cannot resolve remotely, we will need to dispatch an Engineer to work on site at your premises.
Unlimited On site Engineering
With the Performance Plan, unlimited on site assistance is included. This means your costs are all screwed down, and also that minimising all issues and resolution times with your business IT is OUR major daily priority.
(Project work such as replacement servers etc are not included, but rather quoted as required.)
Vendor Support
We will save you time by liaising with your vendors (eg phone company, photocopier company) to get them to complete your required work.
Monthly Reporting
Our powerful and unique reporting developed over many years allows you to make precise decisions about your IT with ZERO guess work. We will show you the bottlenecks and dangers. With this information you can manage all your IT issues expertly regardless of your IT knowlege.
Quarterly or Monthly
Business IT Strategy Meeting and Report
Technology works better when it is designed with business goals in mind. We report on our activities and adjust your tech to get the best ROI. Have you looked at CRM, ERP, eMarketing? Should you switch to Cloud?

Is your business changing? So is it missing massive opportunities to streamline using IT?
Procurement Assistance
Retail stores and online retailers cant provide the product knowledge and business insight, to ensure you buy the right equipment every time. Leverage our knowledge & skills. Never buy the wrong product, or end up buying for todays need without thinking about tomorrow.
Advanced Procurement Assistance
Your job is to run your business to maximum effect, our job is to deliver technology results that support that. Be ready for growth by understanding exactly (to the dollar) what any technology costs will be to get your new staff members productive. We can also keep your standard computers in stock to provide immediate installations
Equipment lifecycle management
Finding that a computer is too old to perform it's role effectively is NOT best discovered during one of your busy periods or deadlines. Get IT Leaders to plan out the lifecycle of your equipment.
'BlackBox' Staff Internet Control
Much productivity can be lost and resources wasted on web-based facilities like Facebook, MSN Messenger, music downloads, and non-work websites. With special hardware we can unobtrusively monitor and report on staff Internet usage, or block sites & services. (Optional)
  Cloud Backup  Our Cloud-backup uses industry-leading software, and resides on our robust Private Cloud platform. This is 100% Australian-based for rapid restore to disk, or restore to Cloud. Quite simply the most advanced backup and DR systems on the planet.
Optional on all plans, ask for details.



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