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Top Malware Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Recognising Malware Infections on Your Computer & IT Networks

It usually takes at least a week for businesses to regain access to their data and systems following a malware attack. Various types of malicious code fall under the umbrella term of ‘malware’. These include the following;

It’s no secret that businesses rely heavily on technology. From communicating with customers to processing payments, computers are an essential part of the modern business landscape. As such, it’s important to make sure that all of your computers and business IT systems are running smoothly and free from malware infections.

Some of the signs that your computer may be infected with malware include slowness, pop-ups, difficulty opening programs or websites, strange messages or icons, and unexpected behaviour. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to take immediate action and get your computer scanned for viruses and other forms of malware.

Ignoring the issue could result in further system damage, identity theft, data breaches, or financial loss. Fortunately, there are many effective tools and strategies for doing so. By taking the necessary precautions, you can keep your business running smoothly and safely. If your systems are encountering any of the mentioned symptoms or you have come across some of these top malware warning signs on your computer – don’t delay – take action today and get in touch with IT Leaders now!

Malware Warning Signs on your computer- IT Leaders

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A malware infection will obviously do more damage to your system the longer it sits unchecked. There is a directive built into most forms of malware to spread to as many systems as possible. Without quick detection and removal, one computer has the potential to infect 10 others on the same network in minimal time.

Therefore, it is crucial to detect and remove any infected devices from your network as soon as possible, so that you can have them scanned and cleaned by a professional like IT Leaders. Our team can also perform a comprehensive IT Cybersecurity Audit to assess your network and individual computers. You can also greatly reduce your risk of a malware infection by keeping an eye out for the following key warning signs. Keep reading on to discover what to look out for!

Top Malware Warning Signs To Watch Out For - IT Leaders
Desktop Popups - Signs of a malware infection

1. Suspicious Desktop Popups

Hackers commonly attempt to mimic things that users may have seen from a legitimate program, so they’ll be more inclined to click on it without a second glance. Some forms of malware can take on the disguise of being a warranty notice or an antivirus program that pops up on your screen.

If you begin to see a strange subscription alert like ‘Renew Your Antivirus Software’ or have a random warranty renewal appear, these could be signs that your PC has been infected with adware or another type of malware.

2. Sudden System Lag

Computers can become sluggish for a number of reasons, including having too many browser tabs open at once or running a memory-intensive program. Typically though, you will soon realise when your computer and programs begin to noticeably slow it down.

A newly sluggish system or unusual system lags could indicate a data breach or malware. An example of this could be if you don’t have any programs open except Notepad or another simple app, and yet you experience freezing. When malware is running in the background, it can often eat up system resources and cause your system to get sluggish out of the blue.

System Lag - Signs of Malware on Your Computer - IT Leaders

3. Crashing Applications

Applications should not just crash randomly. There’s generally always a reason behind this. Either there has been an issue with an update, you have faulty software running, you have run out of space, or something else may be conflicting with that application’s files.

If you suddenly experience apps crashing, requiring you to restart the app or reboot your system altogether, then this is another telltale sign that a trojan, malicious code or a virus may have been introduced on your computer or network.

Crashing Applications - Top signs of a Malware infection

4. Redirecting Home Page Browser

A common malware technique is to redirect a user’s home page so have your PC scanned right away if you open your browser and land on a new homepage. The malware will change the default home page of your browser and potentially infect your system in a matter of seconds. Your browser may redirect you to a pop-up ad site or some other type of phishing site. Unfortunately, changing your homepage back in your settings will not fix the issue and the malware needs to be removed as soon as possible by an IT professional like IT Leaders. If this has happened to you – get in touch with us now for assistance!

Recognising a Malware Infection - Maintain and manage your software properly - Server Management tips from IT Leaders

5. Unusual Rebooting

Certain kinds of malicious code can also make your system reboot without warning. Getting anything done can be extremely difficult, clog up your workflow, and cause you to lose the work you have just completed. This may happen when malware is changing core system files behind the scenes. When your files become corrupted, your system can start rebooting unexpectedly & becomes unstable.

Missing Hard Drive - Signs of Malware on Your Computer

6. Missing Hard Drive Space

If you discover that a large amount of your hard drive space has now suddenly disappeared, it could be a sign that a malware infection is taking up your space. It’s possible for some types of malware to even make copies of your files or to introduce new files into your system.

When searching for files, don’t expect to find the term “malware” though. It’s common for dangerous activities and malware to disguise themselves as harmless system files with generic-sounding names. This essentially means that they remain undetected in your system for an extended period of time, inflicting extensive damage.

7. Discovery of Corrupted Files

Corrupted files could indicate that you have been infected with ransomware or another form of malware. Occasionally, files become corrupt for other reasons, but this is a serious issue that warrants a comprehensive malware scan.

8. Random PC processing sounds

The “thinking sounds” our computers make when they are processing memory-intensive tasks are familiar to many of us. The whirring sound usually goes away once the activity is completed, however.

This continuous processing sound could be an indication that malware is running in the background on your computer, so you should check it out if you hear it even when you are not doing anything particularly intensive on it.

Our experts will take care of your IT systems!

Malware and other online threats can have a devastating impact on your business & reputation. Particular malware infections can also cause significant damage to your computer and business IT networks if left untreated. It’s therefore vital that you are able to recognise the key signs of an infection and take action as soon as possible. By taking the necessary precautions, you can keep your business running smoothly and safely.

Free malware and virus scans that are available online aren’t always reliable, nor are they guaranteed to detect every type of malware on your computer or network. You should instead enlist the help of industry professionals to ensure your entire system is regularly scanned and cleaned!

If your systems are encountering any of the mentioned symptoms, contact IT Leaders straight away for expert help and advice on malware prevention & removal. We’re Gold Coast & Brisbane’s most trusted IT experts, so you can rest assured knowing that your systems are in safe hands!

To ensure maximum protection all year round, IT Leaders can help safeguard your business’s systems and computer networks. Our friendly team can provide you with a range of customised IT security services and extensive support to suit your specific business needs. Whether you’re in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW or beyond – we can help keep you protected!

Find out how our high-level malware scanning and removal services can help keep your systems, business and sensitive data safe today! Get in touch now to discuss all your IT needs – we’re always happy to help!

Let us take care of your IT systems - Top Warning Signs of Malware
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