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Windows 7 End of Life Support & Warranty of Computers

Times Running out on Windows 7 End of Life Support!

End of Support for Microsoft Windows 7 on the 14th of January 2020 will be a critical time for many businesses as Microsoft will no longer be providing critical updates to any security flaws found in the Operating System. Unless you are running legacy software that requires ancient Operating Systems to run, you should definitely be looking at Upgrading to Windows 10 (if your hardware is recent and still under warranty) or planning a series of rolling desktop\laptop replacements to get up to date.

As a standard, a computer should be purchased with 3-year warranty, sometimes it’s included, other times it’s an add on. This warranty ensures you will get prompt service if any hardware fails in your system and avoids expensive repair work. (if the faulty part can even be found individually).

It is good practice to look at a scheduled replacement of your computer equipment every 3-4 years after the warranty has expired on the device(s).  This ensures you have the fastest machines possible to enhance staff performance, reduces downtime & increases security due to technology and software advancements that are pushed out very regularly.

Windows 7 End of life Support

Time to consider upgrading your Computer Equipment

This shows that replacing a computer at the 3-4-year period provides the least downtime for you in case of hardware failure and the possibility for emergency data recovery is more likely to be successful.

Any computer that has Microsoft Windows 7 (or older) currently installed should be replaced or upgraded as soon as possible. They pose a significate security risk to your data and network. 

As a Microsoft partner, IT Leaders can provide “Extended Support” direct from Microsoft if we feel your use case warrants this paid service. If you are operating any legacy software that requires the use of Windows 7, please reach out to us to discuss your options.

Are you Procrastinating About Windows 7 End of Life?

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