We Can Help You With

  • Virus Removal and Data Recovery 
    A virus on your computer, laptop or tablet can have a variety of different impacts. Some of them are completely silent, like a ghost in the background quietly stealing your data or making your computer seem a bit sluggish. Some are a little more annoying and intrusive like pop-ups, website redirects and software you didn’t ask for suddenly appearing. The worst viruses can actually completely destroy your data and prevent your computer from starting up! If any of these should happen, we can help you get the system cleaned up and data recovered. We’ll then help you prevent future attacks by installing anti-virus software that always stays up to date or backup software that keeps your data safe.  
  • Install / Uninstall Applications 
    Has your computer become cluttered with unnecessary applications? Whether you need to clean up temporary files, remove unwanted registry files or need to install the office printer, our technicians have you covered.   
  • System Upgrades
    Is your computer, tablet or laptop running really slow or even grinding to a complete halt? Remember the days when you first bought it and it would boot up instantly and working on it was a pleasure rather than a stress? With a variety of system upgrades available, we can give you that new computer feeling again! With a memory (RAM) upgrade, you’ll be able to do more multitasking – browsing, watching and working all at the same time! We can also complete a Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrade that will have your computer booting up super quickly and provide you with buttery smooth performance. 
  • Laptop Screen Replacements
    Is your screen cracked? Does your laptop screen flicker or become stuck on a certain level of brightness? No matter your screen issue, our certified technicians can replace your screen, so that your laptop will look brand-new.
  • Keyboard Replacements 
    Whether you have broken keys, one of your keys doesn’t seem to be working or your keys appear to be stuck, our team is here to help. We proudly offer keyboard replacements for a wide variety of computer brands.

Computer Repairs Nerang Workshop. Fixed Priced Repairs. Laptop Repairs, Desktop Computer Repairs Completed By Accredited Technicians.

Get your computer or laptop repaired with confidence

Computer Repairs Nerang

We offer laptop repairs and desktop computer repairs for all brands, makes and models. Whether you have an Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung or other types of laptop, our accredited technicians are here to help.

We understand that accidents happen, laptops fall, coffee is spilled across keyboards, and unexpected damage can occur.

Fortunately, we have the years of experience needed to fix both hardware and software issues.

  • Fixed Priced Repairs at our Gold Coast Workshop In Nerang
  • Computer Repairs Completed By Accredited Technicians

We are proud to offer computer repairs, laptop repairs, virus removal and a whole host of other services at our Gold Coast workshop in Nerang.

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Workshop Service Pricing

Service pricing only, any hardware required quoted seperately.


All prices ex GST


(Minimum Rate)






Basic Window System Repair
Install Basic Software
PDF Reader, Google Chrome etc.
Standard Data Backup
User Profile: Desktop, Pictures, Documents etc.
Standard Antivirus & Malware clean out
Remove Junk Software & Temp Files
Windows & Driver Updates
Hardware Updates (Firmware)
Dust Clean Out
Advanced Application Troubleshooting
Backup & Reload Windows Operating System
Advanced Virus Removal\Recovery
For extreme infections not resolved by standard process.
Backup Recovery
Where recovering from good backup sets or tricky situations outside of
drag and drop from backup location.
Advanced Diagnostics
Includes hardware testing and investigation of log files to find cause of
serious issues.
Advanced Virus Removal\Recovery
For extreme infections not resolved by standard process.
Laptop Hardware Replacement
Screen or Keyboard - anything that requires disassembly outside of
memory upgrades.
Advanced Software Installation\Configure
For applications that require complex setup or customising system to
non standard requirements.
Additional Services
Charged separately to above workshop rates
Booking Fee
Only charged if the above workshop rates are not applicable, eg Machine cannot be fixed.
Includes "Quick Fixes" or "Have a quick look" repairs
"Provide Insurance Report
Additional to above services. Fee is reimbursed to you through your insurance company.

Workshop turn around is estimated at 3 business days

Payment is required on pickup

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