Multi-National SMEs

Many Small and Medium sized Australian businesses are setting up offshore teams in places like Philippines.

IT Leaders are experts at the technology strategy to connect your remote team to your business applications and data. Our sister organisation is a consulting firm that advises business on how to source and manage white-collar teams offshore. (All white collar roles)

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Not for Profits

NFPs and NGOs have special needs.

Do you need customised IT support that appreciates the urgency of your reporting obligations and the importance of your services delivery? Would you like board-level IT reporting to help your decision makers? A robust disaster recovery strategy perhaps? Or advice and solutions to address legislative requirements for the security and location of data storage?This is just the start of how we can help.

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Professional Services

A sector driven by time and value-based billing.

Maximising productivity and client satisfaction requires robust and efficient core technology.

If your firm is looking to enhance it's success, consider a strong technology partner to help you maximise your team's output.

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Company Profile

IT Leaders is an elite team who pride themselves on providing industry-leading full service IT management and solutions. We use state of the art technology to help us maintain our clients’ networks and infrastructure, both intelligently and securely. We create high value to our business clients by delivering expert technical consulting and implementation based on best practice methodology.

Technology Audits


Our IT infrastrucutre audit is designed as a stand-alone reporting service that enables you to gain a solid understanding of how your systems are configured. It is used both by businesses and government departments with their own IT departments, and also by organisations who outsource their IT management.

It compares your configurations to industry best-practice, suggests improvements, and advises their relative importance as either critical or recommended. The report can be used to provide instruction to your existing IT team, or as a basis to have IT Leaders assume responsibility for the fixes and/or ongoing management of your systems.

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