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With 20+ years of experience in IT Consulting we have the team to help with your next project. Make sure you get the best strategy and planning advice from the right company.

If you’re about to embark on a large project or need ongoing expert strategy and planning advice, IT Leaders has a full range of IT Consultants and experts to assist you along the way.

Our IT Consulting team are experts at identifying risks in your environment. They will work with you to build a full understanding of your systems and processes then conduct a rigorous analysis to help define your goals and how to realise them while sidestepping any potential landmines.

From Office 365 migrations, cloud migration, hardware migration to a physical office moves we have the expertise and team to not only consult but also action the project at hand.

IT Leaders has a proven track record of industry leading support services.

Make sure you get the best strategy and planning advice from the right company.

Benefits Of
Hiring IT Leaders

  • Tap into a team of experts, bringing skills and expertise without the overheads of hiring a permanent team.
  • Having an external perspective can really accelerate the process, we’ll notice all kinds of areas for improvement that are right under your nose.
  • Bring new ideas and technologies to your business that will help you improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Identify what steps of your business process can be eliminated.
  • Provide ongoing support if you need it.
  • We partner with the best in the business. Some of our partners include Microsoft, Watchguard, HP, Lenovo, 3CX, Veeam, Symantec as well as many more.


Systems &
Process Analysis


Execute Your
Technology Plan

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No matter what kind of project you are tackling or what kind of advice you need, our friendly and dedicated staff are ready to answer any questions, address any concerns or set up an initial consultation to get you the advice you need today.