Cloud Backup Solutions

With so many different devices, systems and platforms in use, it’s important to ensure that all of your important data is backed up.

Sending your data to a cloud backup service is one way that you can ensure that you are protected if one of your devices suddenly stops working or is subject to a malicious software attack.

We can send data from laptops and desktops or from servers and network attached storage to a variety of online platforms with price and recovery points to suit every need.

Your personal devices and company servers can be backed up in several ways.

What Suits You Best?

File Level Backup

Starting with the most basic which is a file level backup. This is ideal for laptops that are out on the move and rarely make it into head office or a personal machine with sentimental photos or important copies of documents. This backup can be set to run daily or weekly and will copy the folders you select (or your entire hard drive contents) up to a cloud storage zone via your internet connection. If there is an issue with your laptop or you accidentally delete some files, it’s simple to re-download them onto a new laptop or existing one.

cloud backup and migration

Image Backup

Another popular option is to send a recoverable copy of your machine to cloud storage. This is a great option for workstations or servers that have complex software installations or configurations. The key issue here is time to recovery, you want to keep the amount of time you are down to a minimum if the worst happens. With an image backup you can download a copy of your workstation or server and recover the entire system as it was a few hours ago or the day before. No need to install the software again or go through the painful process of configuring the system from scratch, just download and recover then get back to work.

With both above types of backup, you can select multiple recovery points, from every 15 minutes up to every month and everything in between. We use industry leading software coupled with decades of experience protecting our client’s data and our own.

Get a cloud backup solution now, make sure your data is protected!

Back up your data with IT Leaders

Backup your cloud​

Are you thinking, ‘I’m already on Office 365 / Google Drive / OneDrive / Dropbox so I don’t need backups?’

It’s a common thought process but it’s entirely wrong. Sure, you have a copy of some data in the cloud which is better than nothing. But in the case of an accidental deletion, virus or catastrophic failure you might still lose all of that data and those providers have absolutely no obligation to help you out!

You see cloud storage is not the same as cloud backup, think of it as an external hard drive. If that drive has the only copy of your data, is susceptible to several types of failure and if you haven’t backed it up anywhere, you won’t be able to get your data back. Cloud storage is exactly the same, if you haven’t got a backup plan in place, you’re going to lose data.

IT Leaders has a solution, with a Cloud Backup solution, we will set up a resilient and fast to recover backup system for your cloud storage. For example, if you’re using Office 365 for your emails and files, we can duplicate that to a 3rd party storage system for safe keeping. If there’s ever an issue with Office 365 or you’ve accidentally deleted something a month ago that you can’t get back, we can send it over to you from the cloud backup storage in a matter of minutes.

The key message here is that moving to cloud doesn’t suddenly mean your data is protected. All of the same best practices need to be considered, risks identified, and recovery strategies documented to ensure you can get back up and running and fast!

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