Cloud Computing

With a hosted virtual server environment run by a high quality IT provider, the complexities are taken care of, resulting in zero capital cost, a cash-flow friendly monthly access fee, the latest technology, and simple and immediate adaptability to your business growth needs. 

Cloud Computing Solutions

IT Leaders can host all of your server and applications infrastructure.   

IT Leaders will keep your business on the leading edge of technology, and deliver real strategic advantage. 

IT Leaders provides end to end IT infrastructure, design, support and management of IT systems. We can host your entire IT environment and support it all as well. 

IT Leaders utilises a range of distributed datacentres to create robust Cloud solutions.  We have taken great care in selecting appropriate DCs which feature the latest technology for ensuring uptime of services and safety of data. 

Cloud Solutions for Small Business

IT Leaders primary facility is located in a carefully selected datacentre that has gone through our strict vetting process to ensure quality, reliability, security and support are of the highest possible standard. 

Flexible, scalable and customisable; IT Leaders builds a Private Cloud to your exact needs with dedicated computing resources and secure private access.  

Work Smarter

Not Harder

IT Leaders has a proven track record of industry leading support services.

Save now and start with IT Leaders Cloud Computing services.

So here is how it works

Introducing your Private Cloud Desktop

Most of your staff will work via a Cloud Desktop or Virtual Workspace. This looks and feels just like a normal Windows computer desktop so there is no staff retraining required. Your staff can connect from any device; laptop, desktop, mac, tablet or phone it doesn’t matter. They’ll have a single window (spanning multiple screens if needed) that contains all of their work. If they disconnect from their PC and log in on their tablet, that same window will appear with applications just as they left them.


All of their exchange mailboxes and calendars will sync across devices and desktops. Equipped with the latest version of Outlook, it will be a seamless experience no matter how they connect.


Each of your office locations will be securely linked to our datacentre with encrypted traffic occurring between locations. Your staff can also connect when they are on the move, allowing them to work from any stable internet connection, even 3G and 4G!

IT Leaders Private
Cloud Server Farms

Our cutting edge server farms are hosted in carefully picked Datacentre facilities throughout Australia. They are power, cooling, fire, network and hardware redundant mitigating many of the risks that small and medium sized businesses normally take when hosting on-premises


All of your favourite and trusted applications, databases and services can also be hosted in your Private Cloud. You control which staff access what services.

Backup &
Disaster Recovery

We have backup and disaster recovery options to suit any risk profile. From 14 day onsite retention to multi-year offsite archiving. We can configure one set of servers or multiple server across diverse regions that failover in disaster scenarios.

& Security

All applications and data are stored on IT Leaders physical server farms located in Australia behind sophisticated WatchGuard firewall systems. Each server environment is dedicated to YOUR business and is totally secure.

Maintenance, Management&
and Support

IT Leaders provides all maintenance and management of the IT facilities. This includes a fully integrated service desk, maintenance of all company devices and regular vCIO Reporting. If you already have an IT Support staff on your team, we can simply complement their roles and fill the gaps.

Most Efficient

Capital expenditure on IT is massively reduced as there is no need to buy servers at all. PCs will no longer need to be ‘top spec’ so that they last as all of your processing needs are delivered by the cloud environment, saving thousands on your desktop and laptop fleet. Most IT costs like software and hardware are shifted to pay-monthly and you only pay for what you need now. If you need more, just turn up the dial, it’s that easy.

Advantages of Private Cloud / Cloud Computing 

Cloud can sometimes feel like an abstract concept and as a result it can be difficult to consider in practical terms. With our list below, we demystify the advantages of moving to cloud.  

  • Save on capital costs of IT infrastructure.
  • You will no longer need to pay for costly server infrastructure upfront, in fact you won’t need to purchase a server at all. That could be tens of thousands of dollars in capital expenditure 
  • This would generally happen on a 3-5 year replacement schedule, that’s a big recurring purchase you no longer need to factor into your medium or long term business plans.
  • Predictable Monthly Payments 
  • You’ll be paying for only the hardware and software resources that you need in one monthly invoice, with IT Leaders we’ll bundle in all of your services and support to make that even easier.
  • This means that you can easily predict and track your IT spend, it will scale with how many people you have working in the system, simple.  
  • More uptime, less downtime. 
  • If you engage a partner like IT Leaders you can be sure that the systems you use are highly available, that means if the resources you are using have an issue, you’ll automatically be shifted onto another server to continue working. In reality, with onsite servers this type of issue could result in days offline.
  • Always on the latest version.
  • If you ever stayed on an ancient ugly version of software because the renewal was exorbitant, those days are over. With cloud computing you will often be upgraded to the most recent version as it comes out, with no alteration to your monthly costs. In the case of Office 365, there’s no more costly upgrade cycle every couple of years, each time a new version is released you’ll be automatically upgraded. 
  • Access from anywhere. 
  • Because your system will be located in a secure remote datacentre, you can connect from any stable internet connection. With the IT Leaders Private Cloud you can even use 3G or ADSL to connect in a pinch.  
  • You’ll also have a lot more flexibility for establishing new physical locations, pick a new premise, get internet connected and then you can start using the cloud system straight away. That could be for 2 people or 200 people, no need for a huge infrastructure to get it up and running.  

Work Smarter

Not Harder

Never Lose Office
Productivity Again

Stay Connected
Wherever You Are


Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

So what Cloud is the right one for you? To answer that, we need to understand what the options are.  

Essentially a Public Cloud is a system owned by a third party where resources are completely shared by all customers. On the other hand, a Private Cloud is also owned by a third party, but the resources are dedicated to a single customer, either by way of a physical or network segregation.   

Public Cloud is great for software services that do not require complex customisation, multiple software installations or in businesses that do not have very restrictive compliance regulations. Xero, Office 365 or Zoho CRM are good examples of excellent public cloud offerings.  

Private Cloud is better for the opposite. If you have a suite of installable software, a single system that requires a very specific configuration or heavy compliance regulations, building a Private Cloud is often a better fit. The IT Leaders Private Cloud is commonly used by businesses in accounting, finance and manufacturing sectors.   

Of course, with Cloud Computing, you have plenty of flexibility. One of our most common scenarios is a mixture of both, known as a Hybrid Cloud. This is where you build a Private Cloud for your everyday applications but also leverage public cloud tools such as Office 365 for email, Xero for accounting or Zoho for CRM 

Whatever you need, we can guide you through the process of selecting the Cloud platform(s) that fit perfectly with your business processes.  

DataCentre Info (Technical)

  • Datacentre currently tier 2 & upgrading to tier 3, with: 
  • Redundant Power Supply – N+1 UPS infrastructure 
  • Redundant Air Conditioning – N+1 cooling capacity 
  • Dual VESDA fire detection / FM200 fire suppression, plus portable CO2 fire extinguishers. 
  • GE Challenger security system, allowing restricted datacentre access by PIN and swipe Card 
  • Underfloor power and data cable trays passing through opposite sides of the facility. 
  • Raised floor height of 400mm throughout the facility. 
  • 234sqm of non-technical space, including offices, facility NOC and amenities  
  • Manned NOC 7am to 8:30pm Monday to Friday with 24/7 on-call staffing 
  • 24×7 CCTV surveillance of facility. 
  • Facility and all power/cooling Infrastructure above 100 year flood lines as determined by 
  • Brisbane City Council. 
  • Service providers directly connected into carriers area cage: 
  • Telstra 
  • Optus / UEComm 
  • Nextgen Networks 
  • AAPT / Powertel / PIPE Networks 
  • Spiderbox 
  • OverTheWire 
  • Vocus 
  • ApexNetworks 
  • IAA QLD-IX Peering 
  • MegaPort 
  • 100 pair copper run from building MDF to carriers’ area IDF for telco copper services. 
  • Panduit based Cat6 Copper cross connect system to all cabinets within the facility. 
  • Huber & Suhner Single Mode optical fibre management system connecting to all cabinets within the facility. 

DataCentre Info (Less technical)

  • Datacentre currently tier 2 & upgrading to tier 3, with: 
  • Redundant Power Supply – N+1 UPS infrastructure 
  • Redundant Air Conditioning – N+1 cooling capacity 
  • Redundant Fire Detection and Suppression systems with portable CO2 fire extinguishers 
  • High-tech security system, allowing restricted datacentre access by PIN and Swipe Card Only 
  • Unrivalled organisation with underfloor power and data cable trays passing through opposite sides of the facility and a raised floor height of 400mm throughout.  
  • Manned NOC 7am to 8:30pm Monday to Friday with 24/7 on-call staffing 
  • 24×7 CCTV surveillance of facility. 
  • Facility and all power/cooling Infrastructure above 100 year flood lines as determined by 
  • Brisbane City Council. 
  • Connected with more than 10 providers who terminate within the facility for direct customer access 
  • Directly connected from building to carrier with 100 pair copper run 
  • Optical fibre management system connecting to all cabinets within the facility 

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