Cyber Security Audit

Are you secure? We can provide your business with an IT or cyber security audit. The reality is that all individuals and businesses connected to the internet are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Malicious individuals and groups thrive on gathering any information they can to enhance their attack strategies. Coupled with automated systems that are constantly probing your networks, cybercriminals are ready to pounce on any vulnerability.

Your business can’t afford to be soft on security, toughen up your security now with an IT Security Audit from IT Leaders.

As your trusted IT services provider, we are in a constant battle to protect your business  and your client’s information from commercial espionage, ransom attempts and other malicious activities.

Many of the tools and barriers of previous years no longer work as effectively, and now multiple layers of protection are a necessity.  If your organisation has no strategy to counter security threats, then your defences will inevitably be breached, and you will lose time, money and sensitive data.

How secure is your Office 365 setup? How secure is your remote access? How secure is your cloud data, are all question most businesses either aren’t asking or unaware they need too.

The only way to deal with this effectively is to carefully audit all elements of IT Security and lock down your defences, according to practicalities of the specific risk to you and according to the available budget.

IT Leaders has a proven track record of industry leading support services.

Your business can’t afford to let security slide. Keep your business safe with IT Leaders.

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Cyber Security Audit For Your Business

Cybersecurity is about protecting your technology and essential information from accidental or illicit access, corruption, theft or damage. Cybersecurity is an ongoing journey in your business and needs to be part of your daily business processes.

IT Security Audit Benefits

  • Identify new critical security risks to your business and prevent a disaster
  • Significantly reduce the chances of cyber attacks and the most prevalent viruses like ransomware viruses
  • Protect your backups from being destroyed by new encrypting viruses
  • Assist with regulatory compliance to protect your employee and customer data

What Is At Risk?

Your money, information and reputation could be at risk from a cyber attack. 

Confidential data could include:

  • Business plans
  • Financial records
  • Business and personal information
  • Marketing plans
  • Employee records
  • Product designs
  • Patent applications
  • New business ideas

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IT Security Audit With IT Leaders

No matter where you think you are with IT Security, our IT Audit can help you build a picture and identify areas for improvement.

Our friendly and dedicated staff are ready to answer any questions, address any concerns or set up an initial consultation to get you the support you need today!